J. E. Tescher

Science Fiction Author

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Narrow Pathways

Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

The wide path is easier to follow, but the narrow path leads to greater rewards.

In this collection, J. E. Tescher explores the narrow path through seven science fiction stories and one present-day supernatural tale. Each story presents moral dilemmas that resonate well after the narrative ends.

Tescher’s characters demonstrate both strength and sensitivity as they forge through various ethical terrains related to cloning, genetic engineering, and spirituality. Along the way, Thomas provides a few humorous signposts because, even when the path is rocky, there is still joy in the journey.


J. E. Tescher is an independent author of strange fiction who plans to keep writing stories until the Computer Overlords takeover. For now, Tescher programs the soon-to-be overlords for a living, writing fiction in the early-morning and late-evening hours, and on the weekends whenever the three little humans in the house don’t require feeding. A lifelong Star Trek habit has skewed Tescher’s writing toward space travel and aliens, but magic and ghosts may make an appearance. You have been warned.