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I’m Still Here!

I’m Still Here!

Folks, it’s been a while. Over a year? I haven’t lost myself in a desert or a rain forest or any other biome. I’ve been busy doodling on non-science fiction projects.

The thing is, my science fiction series (both of them), deserve awesome covers, and I’m not in a place to provide those yet. For that reason, I hopped over to my sweet romance pen name and planned a six-book series. Oops.

I’m currently working on book two of said series. Needless to say, it’s going to keep me busy for a bit longer.

Good news is, I’m learning to write faster. Bad news is, I’ve only learned to work on one project at a time. I’m itching to tell my science fiction stories, but alas they will not be birthed into the world until 2023 at the earliest.

However, I recently took a two-week vacation from writing. During that time, I dreamed up several new stories, one of them being a horror short story. It’s outlined and ready to go, just waiting until I complete my current WIP so I can turn my focus to it.

I’ve never written horror, and I’m curious to try. It will be an experiment for us both. When the story is complete, I’ll post it here and send it to my newsletter subscribers.

I’m excited to try to spook the pants of some people, figuratively, of course.

Thanks for sticking around while I move at the pace of a sloth crawling through a tar pit.

J. E. Tescher

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The Three Sons: The Unveiling (Current WIP)

The Three Sons: The Unveiling (Current WIP)

My writing year has not gone as planned. But that’s typical. My best laid plans never seem to come to fruition. The muse won’t let it happen.

What the fickle muse seems to be saying to me is: “Finish your Middle Grade sci-fi adventure series!” I had intended on completing two adult sci-fi adventures this year, but in deference to Fick (let’s name my muse that), I will change my plans.

What does this mean?

It means I will write 3-7 relatively short MG novels, around 20K-words each, and I will release them when they are ready, hopefully no later than next January. Perhaps earlier. It depends on Fick. If I feed him well and give him plenty of sleep, he should cooperate. (I really think it will be sooner than January 2022, but I know by now not to over promise.)

What is it about?

I’m not ready to reveal all the shiny details yet. I feel the need to keep some major details under wraps. However, I’ve written a blurb for the first story, which is already finished.

Here’s the blurb:

Daniel and his family group live in the caves on Regos, which is a moon of the gas giant Obscura and is rich with the energy-producing mineral vitalis.

On Regos, the night lasts fourteen Earth-days, and when it ends, Obscura blocks the sun for seven more days.

During his precious few daylight hours, Daniel explores the mountains surrounding the nearby mining colony, Port Vie. He enjoys his routine, but it is about to change. The vitalis is waning.

He and his family group must find more vitalis, or face the daunting task of living without it, all while defending themselves against the ruthless leader of Port Vie.

Do Not Fret!

If you’re looking for some new sci-fi, I’ve got your back. While working on The Three Sons, I plan to release my sci-fi short story collection. I don’t have an exact date, but it will be SOON. I just need to order another proof copy and make some minor updates to my ebook. After I’ve tied up all the loose ends, I will announce the release date. Thank you for your patience!

J.E. Tescher




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